Common_PestsKnoxville is home to rats as well as many different kinds of other household pests because of its moderate climate. Bulwark offers services to take care of all of the different pests you may find in your home. All of these services are 100% guaranteed. If you see any bugs before your next routine treatment, we will come back and take care of it for free.

Spider Control

Spiders are a very common fear throughout the world and are a very common pest in Knoxville. Most species of spiders are venomous and some of them are harmful to humans, especially children. They are also simply disgusting with their 8 nasty legs and multiple eyes. Bulwark treats spiders as they should be treated, as arachnids and not regular insects. Food sources must be eliminated as well, but it is not enough. We treat spiders with a very concentrated, yet safe arachnicide as well as remove all nests, webs and egg sacs to rid your home of all living spiders and their young. A barrier treatment is then applied to keep spiders from coming back.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are some of the most disgusting pests out there. They are difficult to kill, reproduce rapidly, and emit a disgusting odor. They also leave behind old body parts, shells, and droppings that can be harmful to human health. A clean house is not sufficient to prevent cockroaches from infesting your home. They can survive off of the oils of one fingerprint for a week. They are also a common food source for predatory insects. Over many years, we have perfected our cockroach control method. Using the safest and most potent chemicals, we eliminate existing roaches and prevent any roaches from returning.

Ant Control

Ant control can be difficult. The different species have varying food preferences as well as behaviors and they can require very specific steps to eliminate a population. They can detect many different pesticides, so pesticide selection is critical. The wrong pesticide may not offer any residual ant control, may cause the ants to move, or even may cause the ants to bud new colonies, increasing the population. We know how to handle every type of ant you may encounter and how to identify them. Our solution is known by few pest control specialists and is guaranteed to work.


Floods, fires, and storms combined cause less damage to Knoxville homes than do termites and most insurance companies don’t even cover termite damage. We perform FREE termite inspections to establish if your home has termite and to what extent. If treatment is necessary, we will customize your treatment specifically to your home. Many companies only offer one of the many termite solutions, but Bulwark techs are trained to use all of the most effective products and techniques and if necessary we will use multiple options to guarantee your home is protected from termites. Our Bulwark Barrier™  is our own technique that utilizes three termite control methods simultaneously to make sure your home is protected.

Cricket Control

Crickets are not nearly as harmful or annoying as many of the other household pests, however, they could be considered a “gateway bug.” They are common food sources for spiders and other predatory pests. We offer a tried and tested cricket control solution that also uses a barrier treatment to make sure crickets don’t return.

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