Knoxville Mouse Control

In order to properly handle a mouse infestation, or any infestation for that matter, the three most important things are identification of pests, sanitation of likely areas of infestation, and elimination of all possible areas of infestation. In order to keep new mice from entering the building, it must be mouse-proofed, using necessary techniques. There are other things to consider, such as:

  1. Mouse droppings are a great indicator of areas that will require more concentrated efforts. Food sources are where mouse droppings will be most prevalent, and therefore will require focused control efforts. Another method of tracking the location of mouse activity is the use of non-toxic tracking powders. When the mice come in contact with the powder, they will deposit traces of it wherever they go, guiding you to the problem areas.
  2. For traps to be effective, they must be placed within the area of the territory of a population of mice, which area is usually around 20 ft. in diameter.
  3. After 48 hours, traps that are unused should be moved.
  4. Instead of using few bait stations with a fair amount of bait, use many bait stations with little bait. Because mice are nibblers, this will increase the exposure the mice have to the bait. Establish a bait preference by testing different baits, and then continue the use of the preferred bait.
  5. In order to increase the success of baiting and trapping, move things around after introducing the bait/traps to the environment. The inquisitive mice will venture out to establish new routes of travel, increasing contact with the bait and traps.
  6. Mice are nesters and like nesting material nearby. Use this material on the triggers of the traps to increase the likelihood of contact and success.
  7. Like many animals, as temperature rises and/or moisture content decreases, mice will require more water. It is a good idea to use water baits sweetened with prune juice, pineapple juice, or artificially flavored cherry drinks during times of hot weather and in areas of low moisture.
  8. Mice are picky eaters and are only attracted to certain foods. Traps and Glue boards should be baited with the food that they are feeding on at the time the traps are placed.
  9. Reproduction is seasonal. Control efforts will be more effective from October to January, when reproduction is low.
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